Saint Etienne Celebrates Twenty Years of Good Humor by Les Talusan

I am so thrilled to be opening for one of my all-time favorite groups, Saint Etienne! They will be performing 'Good Humor’ in its entirety and other jams this Friday at Union Stage. Come early to catch my all-vinyl set!


Twenty years ago, I had a weekly DJ night in Makati City, Philippines called Thrift Thursdays at ABG's and I definitely played the heck out of 'Good Humor'. Thanks for the hookup for this gig, Rob Fearless & Mojo Gogo!

SAMASAMA: Art, Beauty, Community, Togetherness by Les Talusan

🎥: Joseph Le

Sherry and I (Batang Kankaloo) would like to thank everyone for all the support we received in making our second annual Samasama Art Show & Gathering bigger and better. We are still unpacking our lives from the 5-day whirlwind of love that was SAMASAMA! The theme of the exhibit, Bayanihan, meaning the spirit of communal unity, work, and cooperation was truly felt every single day. Thank you to the 50+ artists for exhibiting your work with us and to our vendors, panelists, and volunteers for lending your time and talents. We’ve received a lot of compliments on the vibe and the energy this show created. Community building at its finest.

Special thanks to Shopkeepers, our most gracious host, Seda Nak and Samandar Khelgati for both being so kind, accommodating and supportive. We appreciated sharing such a truly special space together.

 📷: Carlos Salazar

📷: Carlos Salazar