October Calendar Update by Les Talusan

It’s Filipino American History Month!

How’s your October going so far? Mine’s been a bit contemplative.

I moved to the U.S. 20 years ago this month, painfully leaving everyone I know. I wanted to give Anak a good life. I think it worked out! Anak was able to join us a few years ago and now he’s a sophomore at the University of Washington. Community helped me survive and thrive in the past two decades. Thank you.

Tomorrow, I’m DJing at one of my most favorite museums in DC, the National Gallery of Art, from 6-9PM.

On Saturday afternoon, I’m DJing DC Punk Archive’s 5th Year Anniversary! I’m on at 2:30PM then CORIKY (Amy Farina - Ian MacKaye - Joe Lally) goes on at 4:00PM.

In commemoration of Filipino American History Month and with the help of my friends, I’m throwing us a FAHM Celebration on Saturday with one of the dopest rappers on earth, Ruby Ibarra.

Here’s where you hear me playing tunes the rest of the month:

10/3  Coach Diversity Institute Culture at Work | Symposium for Coaching in Diversity and Inclusion at the Newseum

10/10 Bahala Na at Eaton Radio (2-4PM)

10/10  NGA Nights: Art History Mysteries, After Hours at the National Gallery of Art (6-9PM)

10/11  Allegory (10PM-2AM)

10/12  DC Punk Archive 5th Anniversary Celebration

10/12  SULONG! A Filipinx American History Month Celebration w/ Ruby Ibarra at Wild Days (10PM)

10/17  Bahala Na at Eaton Radio (2-4PM)

10/17  DC Jobs With Justice "2019 I'll Be There Awards"

10/18  Pyramid Atlantic w/ DJ Laura Lopez

10/18  Taking the P*ss - Goodbye To All That w/ The Kaiser at Marx Café (10PM-3AM)