Punk Soul Sisters at Pyramid Atlantic's HyBall Fundraiser by Les Talusan

Punk Soul Sisters are playing tunes at Pyramid Atlantic’s annual nontraditional fundraiser! Expect love songs, anti-love songs and heartbreak songs all on vinyl!

Here’s information about the event from Pyramid Atlantic:

WHAT: The HyBall is Pyramid Atlantic’s nontraditional fundraiser! It’s quirky, immersive... and NOT BORING! DJs (that’s us)! Silent Auction! Drinks! Hands-On Making! Photo Ops! Chocolate! We expect 200+ attendees!

WHEN: Saturday, February 9, 8–11pm

WHY: Raise funds for Pyramid Atlantic’s facility and equipment!

THEME: This year’s HyBall theme is “Heartbreaker.” This inclusive Valentine-themed fundraiser celebrates the love/hate relationship people have with the holiday. Grab the paddles and get ready to yell "clear!," 'cause Pyramid's nontraditional fundraiser tackles Valentine’s Day, and your heart may not be able to take it. Whether you find this holiday sweet or saccharine, we've got you covered. Get dirty in our studios to create sincere or sarcastic valentine swag. Keep the blood pumping as DJs fight to win your heart. See some action in our silent auction full of quirky, flirty items and experiences. Seek advice from "the love doctor," or heck, get married ... she's licensed. Tempt yourself with bars of all kinds ... boozy and chocolatey. Fly solo or bring your valentines, gal-entines, and pal-entines. We don't judge. All proceeds benefit the programs and facilities of Pyramid Atlantic.

Show your love, and be there!


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