Punk Soul Sisters Mix #1 by Les Talusan

Here’s a short and sweet mix by my Punk Soul Sisters and I. Enjoy!

Punk Soul Sisters Mix #1 by Sally Go Round, DJ Laura Lopez, & Les The DJ

Sally Go Round
The Supremes “Put Yourself In My Place”
The Chiffons “Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)”
The Bea's “International Girl”
The Paper Dolls “Someday”

DJ Laura Lopez
Betty Everett “Sweet Dan”
Rhetta Hughes “Doing It With Her”
Ann Sexton “You’re Losing Me”
Jackie Shane “Comin’ Down”

Les The DJ
Alice Clark “Never Did I Stop Loving You”
The Raincoats “Fairytale In The Supermarket”
Mo-dettes “White Mice”
Bush Tetras “Too Many Creeps”

We Love Minnie Part 1 by Les Talusan

meesterenriquez and I made a mix with some of our favorite Minako Yoshida songs. We hope you like it!

We Love Minnie Part 1 by Les The DJ and meesterenriquez

“Lovin’ You” [Alfa]
“Asa Wa Kimi Ni” [RCA]
“Monster Stomp” [Alfa]
“Shooting Star Of Love” [RCA]
“Rum Wa Osuki?” [RCA]
“Flames Of Love” [Alfa]
“Rainbow Sea Line” [RCA]
“The Sea” [Alfa]

DJ Set Playlist for Saint Etienne at Union Stage by Les Talusan

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of DJing for Saint Etienne for their 'Good Humor’ 20th anniversary show in DC, and what a fantastic night it was! So happy to hear them play all the songs in ‘Good Humor’ plus a bunch of my favorite songs. 

I’ve gotten several requests for my playlist for the evening so here it is, along with a handful of photos.

Thanks again for having me, Saint Etienne! It was truly a night to remember.

Saint Etienne ‘Good Humor’ 20th Anniversary Tour
Union Stage, Washington, DC
Les The DJ (all-vinyl)

First Set
Bernthøler “My Suitor” [Blanco Y Negro]
Young Marble Giants “Searching For Mr. Right” [Rough Trade]
Orange Juice “Falling and Laughing” [Polydor]
Ubangi “Just a Little Bit Shy” [Sound Of Scandinavia]
Friday Club “Window Shopping (Extended Version)” [Two-Tone Records]
Dislocation Dance “When” [Slip Discs]
The Go-Betweens “Streets of Your Town” [Beggars Banquet]
Prefab Sprout “Cars and Girls” [Kitchenware Records]
Harrison “(There Is) No Refrain” [Skipping Rope Records]
Stereolab “Ping Pong” [Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks]
The Lines “Nerve Pylon” [Red Records]
The Wake “Crush The Flowers” [Sarah Records]
Dolly Mixture “Baby It’s You” [For Us Records]
The Cliffmores “He’s Not There” [His Master’s Voice]
Helen Gamboa “Uptight” [Jonal Records]
Shirley Ellis “Soul Time” [Columbia]
Doris “Don’t” [Zonophone]
張小英 and The Stylers “幸福要自己找” [Tong Aik Records]
Adnan Othman & The Rythmn Boys “Budi Bahasa” [Sublime Frequencies]
VST and Company “Ayos Ba” [Sunshine]
Şenay “Honki Ponki” [Türküola]
Hajji “Ako Pa Rin” [Jem]
Kiki Gyan “24 Hours in a Disco” [Soundway]
Steve Watson “Born to Boogie” [S.P.Q.R.]
Freeez “Southern Freeze (Dance Mix)” [EMI]
Field Mice “Let’s Kiss and Make Up” [Sarah Records]
Mariya Takeuchi “Plastic Love” [Moon Records]
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band “Sunshower” [RCA Victor]

Second Set (after ‘Good Humor’ and before the hits!)
Muriel Dacq “Tropique” [Carrere]
Contessa “Super Star” [Favorite Recordings]
Golden “Wishful Thinking” [Icerink]
Cola Boy “7 Ways To Love” [Arista]
PLUSTWO “Melody” [Mothball Record]

Closing Set
Dionne Warwick - Walk On By [Specter Records]
Saint Etienne - Lover Plays The Bass [Kung Fu Fighting Recording]

Here is Saint Etienne’s set lists for the evening:

After giving me a shoutout on stage during the last song (He’s On The Phone), Sarah Cracknell gave me her boa!