Punk Soul Sisters Mix #1 by Les Talusan

Here’s a short and sweet mix by my Punk Soul Sisters and I. Enjoy!

Punk Soul Sisters Mix #1 by Sally Go Round, DJ Laura Lopez, & Les The DJ

Sally Go Round
The Supremes “Put Yourself In My Place”
The Chiffons “Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)”
The Bea's “International Girl”
The Paper Dolls “Someday”

DJ Laura Lopez
Betty Everett “Sweet Dan”
Rhetta Hughes “Doing It With Her”
Ann Sexton “You’re Losing Me”
Jackie Shane “Comin’ Down”

Les The DJ
Alice Clark “Never Did I Stop Loving You”
The Raincoats “Fairytale In The Supermarket”
Mo-dettes “White Mice”
Bush Tetras “Too Many Creeps”


We Love Minnie Part 1 by Les Talusan

meesterenriquez and I made a mix with some of our favorite Minako Yoshida songs. We hope you like it!

We Love Minnie Part 1 by Les The DJ and meesterenriquez

“Lovin’ You” [Alfa]
“Asa Wa Kimi Ni” [RCA]
“Monster Stomp” [Alfa]
“Shooting Star Of Love” [RCA]
“Rum Wa Osuki?” [RCA]
“Flames Of Love” [Alfa]
“Rainbow Sea Line” [RCA]
“The Sea” [Alfa]


Bahala Na on Eaton Radio by Les Talusan


I recently started a radio show at Eaton Hotel’s in-house radio station, Eaton Radio. It’s a community-based radio station with a DIY spirit, so it seems that I fit right in. My weekly radio show, Bahala Na, is all music, no talking. Bahala Na is a popular expression from the Philippines that is similar to the Spanish phrase "que sera sera". It reflects both resiliency and a fatalistic attitude of the culture that I grew up with. Expect a variety of tunes from my eclectic record collection. I stream on Instagram Live and Eaton Radio, Thursdays at 2:00PM. It’s Women’s History Month and for the whole month of March, I’ll only be playing women-fronted groups.

Here's a mix I made that includes some songs from last week's show. Some songs are on heavy rotation, some are records I bought from my recent trip to Thailand with my favorite digging partner and some were hidden for a long time in my record shelves (that I need help organizing).

Bahala Na on Eaton Radio Mix (Women’s History Month Edition 1.0) by Les The DJ

Little Ann “Deep Shadows” [Deep Soul]
The Chapells ”You’re Acting Kind of Strange” [Bedford Records]
The Monzas “Where Is The Love” [Numero Group]
Asha Puthli “Let Me In Your Life” [CBS]
Tamiko Jones “Touch Me Baby” [Arista]
Celeste “Pag-Ibig Nang Lubos-Lubos” [Pioneer]
Sonya Spence ”Let Love Flow On” [High Note]
Leah Navarro “Will It Ever Come To You” [Blackgold]
Gloria Jay “Know What You Want” [Melodies International]
Umapon Buapeng “Chum Chum” [Azona]
張小英 and The Stylers “幸福要自己找” [Tong Aik Records]
Doris “Don’t” [Odeon]
Ervinna & The Stylers ‎”Witch Queen of New Orleans” [White Cloud]
สุปราณี ทิพยโอสถ “Black Is Black” [ตราดอกไม้]
Helen Gamboa “Uptight” [Jonal Records]
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings “How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?” [Daptone Records]
Freda Payne “Band of Gold” [Invictus]